Industrial & Agriculture

Economical heat for large hard to heat buildings.

Tansun’s range of infrared short-wave heaters are ideally suited for warming large hard-to-heat areas cost effectively and efficiently. These heaters offer zone heating which does not rise or blow away in a draught, so are the most effective heaters for many places including churches, despatch bays, aircraft hangars, shopping malls and zoos.

For those environments where a lower heat level and no light is preferred or where glass is not permitted e.g. food preparation areas, the Tansun Plaq-Heat range is ideal as the ceramic emitter contains no glass.

Tansun also offer a range of heaters suitable for many agricultural applications. We manufacture weatherproof heaters which can be mounted outside permanently or used in washdown areas. Other heaters are ideal for use in barns or cowsheds 

Calf Shed
Apollo air
Apollo Elephant Nelly
Lightning Aerospace
Ibiza dairy